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Our Story


Your not so average popcorn and lemonade stand. In the grand saga of snack greatness, our business tale kicked off in 2017. Our mission? To craft the most unique and gourmet kettle corn stand known to mankind. Spoiler alert: We're making it happen, one pop at a time.

Our humble beginnings involved popping up at local church events – because every popcorn empire has to start somewhere. Fast forward, and now we're rocking it at the Oceanside Beach Pier, local farmer's markets, and events all over North County San Diego and Temecula. We're like the rockstars of kettle corn, but without the wild tour stories.

What sets us apart? Small-batch, hand-popped kettle corn that's so good, it practically pops itself. And our signature lemonade? We hand-squeeze that magic daily, complete with our secret syrup recipe – because every superhero needs a sidekick.

Meet the dream team – led by the fearless 24-year-old popcorn king, Yager Cantwell. We're a small, but mighty family-run operation, growing faster than you can say "extra butter, please." Together, we're stirring up new and exciting flavors that'll make your taste buds high five each other.

Every bag of kettle corn and cup of lemonade? It's not just a snack; it's a passion project. We're here to sprinkle joy and pop happiness into every sip and bite. Join our sweet snack revolution. πŸΏπŸ‹βœ¨

Spoiler alert: Yes, that's Yager; our popcorn king, embracing his love for his popcorn while rocking a hot dog costume. Because why not?Β